Heather Elton London, England

It was such a treat for me to meet with Heather and just listen to her, with all she has to share after having practiced yoga for 40 years, there is such refinement in her wisdom and experience. Based in London, Heather takes her yoga teacher trainings to Goa each February. Other opportunities to practice with Heather throughout the year are during her yoga retreats which are held in various countries around Europe. Additionally, she uniquely offers Spiritual Tours in India and Nepal each year with her team of teachers. These are not to be missed. Just visit her website www.eltonyoga.com and read her words that she has written about the journey…it all practically begins right there.

With so much experience behind her, Heather still enjoys teaching and is clearly so fulfilled by her Spiritual Tours…”Philosophy on the road” as she says. These journeys are a rare chance to be absorbed into the teachings that these sites embody in energy, teaching, and physical surroundings. If you trust anyone to take you to a true experience of sacred surroundings, it’s Heather. Her practical life experience as a Buddhist has led her to the real and ancient teachings.

There is nothing whimsical about an experience like this, students are usually those who have gone through things in their own lives and want to directly apply the skills of yoga to their life. She so succinctly described that “when we’re doing asana, we’re pressing up against the limits of the body, and the tools we learn around this are not just applicable to asana. They are tools to aid in diminishing suffering through learning to control the mind. By practicing evenness…equanimity in all circumstances…this is what yoga is about”, increasing our ability to use discernment wisely.

In hearing Heather describe this it’s obvious she takes this to heart and is committed to it. Heather’s years of practice have developed in her a tangible compassion. And as a result, students experience her capacity to hold a space for them when they are learning and practicing. This is so important in finding a yoga teacher, one who is capable and whom you can trust to stay grounded because they know a true practice is a vulnerable one and a challenging one.

Toward the end of our meeting, we drifted away from the interview and began having a bit of a personal conversation, during which, at one point, she briefly touched my hand as an acknowledgment of understanding something I had said…that moment said so much to me about Heather and her compassion, her huge capacity to have a human heart and connection.

When I asked Heather to comment on Kindness, she was so simply true…because the truth is so simple isn’t it? She said that “kindness is the most important thing on the yogic path. If we’re not becoming more kind then the practice isn’t working. It’s the essence of the path whether to yourself or toward others in the world.”

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