Scarlett Dee Austria

Scarlett lives a life that so clearly demonstrates that yoga fills all of life. She will often hold yoga retreats and trainings during the summer months, at her home in the Austrian mountains. It is a home so full of abundance…of flowers, wildlife, fresh food, forests, lakes, stars, and so much more! This is so indicative of yoga as life…its generosity, its fulfillment, its endlessness, its ability to continually give and regenerate…this is yoga and it’s evident everywhere at Scarlett’s home. I feel that life is so forthcoming there because of Scarlett’s connection to the yoga of life. I was so lucky to participate in a month long retreat which was held in the rustic-chic loft of her beautifully transformed barn. I arrived one rainy morning at the train station having come from Italy, she picked me up and fed me and gave me a great little hut which was my home for the duration of the training.

But all of this beauty doesn’t negate that she too experiences and faces the challenges of yoga…the focus and discipline yoga commands from us in order to grow and be in touch with its beauty and abundance. Scarlett is honest in saying that for her, “the struggle (of yoga) is around acceptance, contentment, self-love, etc. For me, practice is not about being on the mat. My aspiration is to be the ‘monk in the marketplace’ whether or not I get on my mat in the morning. I wish to flow through life’s relationships, experiences and events in a harmonious and awake state…. that’s the struggle and I guess that’s why I am happiest when I do have a regular yoga practice. To support the kind of mental, emotional and physical state to navigate through life in a more yogic way”. I feel Scarlett balances her deep wisdom with a spontaneous, youthful freedom…her generosity seems to pour forth from this balance.

In winter Scarlett travels to Asia for retreats and trainings. This interview alone caught her between India and Thailand, a very full-on and committed schedule at that time. She actively teaches for three to four months each year… the rest of the time “I am free and living a simple, wholesome and relaxed life. Also, the financial rewards allow me to have lots of time off to do what I want when I want”. She is not as interested in travel anymore because “there is only so much you can see and do before it all starts seeming too familiar”. She truly feels that it is yoga which “allows me to journey into places that I haven’t been to …the subtle bodies. There is still so much exploration to do in the inner universe. Yoga is the practice I choose that allows me to commune with my inner truth and spirit. The more I practice the more I feel alive, well, awake and at peace. Yoga is my life. There just aren’t any other options that fulfill me and nourish me like yoga does.”

Scarlett loves the discipline of yoga, because it requires her “to be in constant practice on and off the mat”…this feels to her, like her Dharma. She says that “yoga speaks for itself and that it’s super rewarding to be a vessel for the teachings and support people into personal growth and transformation”. I experienced Scarlett as powerful in her pranayama which must come from her love of this form of practice as well as the meditation practice of breath awareness… “more and more people have experiences and recognize the breath as the key to accessing physical and mental freedom”, which she has discovered from her own experience.

Scarlett is such a natural teacher that her classes have a natural rhythm. And in that flow comes that moment that all of us know, when something clicks, when everything feels it has all come together in a perfect moment; I wanted to know what Scarlett’s experience of that is when she teaches, and she said it’s the stillness…the awareness…the shiny faces…the connection. Scarlett’s recognition of this, her validation of it, is to me, a form of kindness, and it’s a kindness that is definitely received by Scarlett’s students.

“I don’t seek to inspire. The yoga teachings are inspirational enough I just hope to be a clear vessel for them.” And so is Scarlett!

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