Yoga Teachers


Shravan Kr. Khatri

Shravan is such a deep-hearted man who was so lit up while we spoke about yoga. His eyes were actually sparkling when he was sharing that what he loves so much about teaching yoga, is the spreading of health, and the huge benefits yoga provides to keeping a man in balance…meaning in the present moment. He explained that “Man then goes on the right way (liking or disliking it doesn’t matter). And when taking the right way, Man can better judge what is best for him or his family, taking a correct position a maximum number of times”. I found the beauty of Indian culture expressed so clearly in his description…yoga is inclusion of family as it affects the self. Read More

Susan 1  

Susan Rose

There is sweetness in Susan’s nature that is not to be confused with naivete, because no doubt this woman is powerful. Perhaps Susan’s own words describe it best “when actually teaching, I feel plugged in to a deeper source of energy…time flies…and this shows me I’m doing the right thing”. I think whenever a person is connected to that deeper source there is sweetness because it’s so pure. Having taken many of Susan’s classes, this connection she has is evident to me, as she offers an endless knowledge of yoga (asana, mudra, meditation, philosophy…). Read More


Tamsin Chubb

I knew when she told me that she was working to create a “secret garden”, that Tamsin Chubb was a kindred spirit.  Owner of Little French Retreat, Tamsin offers Yoga retreats from her restored farmhouse on a hill that overlooks the planes of the Garonne river in SW France. Ayurvedic eating is a big feature of her retreats, which have a Sivananda based Yoga practice. Read More