Hello, and thank you for visiting my page.  This site is in the midst of a bit of a re-do...you'll clearly notice that the pages of this site do not mirror the content below.  Please bear with me as I switch the intention of my site from being that of a resource page of Yoga teachers, to that of my own teachings, being a keen focus on right living through the Yamas and Niyamas, and how I can contribute toward helping groups and individuals engage with these principles in their own lives.  Will be back soon to update the content below!

This is a site about yoga teachers from around the world, who offer the deeper teachings of the practice. And this is a site about Kindness. And this is a site for bringing the humanity back to yoga teachers; the reality that they are still human, and not merely glorified images which the West has so brilliantly created. I have deliberately selected the teachers who are included in this site, having met and interviewed each, because they offer a connection to what yoga is as Life. And they are practicing yoga for what it is…Life. The challenges we meet in life are hopefully managed and made easier, or more acceptable, using the tools that yoga provides. This honesty we’re then faced with, can only lead to more and greater Kindness.

I’ve written my perceptions around my experiences with each teacher; speaking honestly about them, which seems to have turned into speaking kindly about them. But why not? It could seem that I speak well of everyone, and therefore no one special. But not the case. Each person here IS kind and IS honest, even if working at it…at least they’re working at it. Hopefully this site gives people the opportunity, to choose a teacher, or a place, where they can feel good about taking their practice.  Because choosing a teacher, and choosing to practice yoga, is a very vulnerable experience if done honestly. Sometimes it’s our very first yoga class and we worry that everyone there is going to be an expert (Ha). This is why this site. Each teacher included encourages the humanity in everyone, including themselves, and no one is an expert at that. We’re all still learning. This is a site of humble teachers who have learned a lot through life and from applying yoga to it. I hope this site helps you in the way that you need, as a step further on your own journey.  Because all of us are stepping alone, but it’s made easier (and sometimes bearable) if we can look to someone to remind us how to do it.

Because we often look to yoga teachers for guidance, and their ability to make it look so easy, we so often forget that, if they are teachers who are following an authentic practice, they have been, and still are, facing challenges in life.  This is what being human is about. So I am truly grateful for the ready replies of each teacher, when I asked what they have been challenged with in their practice.  These overcome obstacles make for a stronger and more equipped teacher, to support the students on their path. A teacher who hasn’t (or isn’t) facing their own challenges and fears, won’t have what it takes to support students, who inevitably bring their own.

Thank you Rachel, creator and developer of Hippie in Heels blog. Whenever that giant ball of confusion rolled in whilst developing this site, you were right there to help roll it back out. Visit Rachel’s amazing blog at www.hippie-inheels.com

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