So many people around the world are creating incredibly worthwhile projects, stemming from that human connection of Compassion. I have such gratitude for the people who are making a sincere difference in the world, creating positive change simply by taking action through the call of their hearts.

There are so many charities and foundations which are important, I am happy to have a listing here.  If you know of a worthwhile charity which would be suitable for this list, let me know and let's see what we can do.

This website is offered for free and donations are happily accepted if you are inspired to give financial support. Funds are divided between further growth of this website and the Charities listed below. Any amount is received with much gratitude. Thank you!


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The Farkhunda Trust

The Farkhunda Trust was set up in memory of FarkhundaMalikzada, whose brutal murder on the streets of Kabul in 2015 shocked the world. Its mission is to provide scholarships for Afghan women from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to pursue higher education and, ultimately, to contribute to shaping a progressive Afghan society. Click link to donate directly to Farkhunda Trust.

Wild Sun Rescue Center

The Wild Sun Rescue Center based in Costa Rica, is dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife. Bringing in injured and orphaned wild animals, they provide them with the appropriate medical care and shelter. Once healed they are released back into their natural habitat, while the severely injured with permanent handicaps remain under their care.

They also collaborate with wildlife breeding centers, reintroducing regionally extinct species back into the area. Reforestation projects are of great importance as well and preserving the biological corridors. "We want to see the health of our beautiful and diverse ecosystem flourish. Our team has come together to see these projects through."

Click link to donate directly to Wild Sun Rescue.