Mentorship is for those who are sincerely seeking guidance toward a more connected experience in relationship to themselves and the world around them…whether that world is as a homemaker or a world traveller.  And, seeking mentorship specifically through the Yamas and Niyamas is recognizing that these principles are learned experientially, and is for those who understand the value that integrity, discipline and ethics have toward personal fulfillment and therefore, global benefit.  

Seeking mentorship with me means you are committed to your own self’s freedom and refinement as a conscious human being in this world, actively making the best contribution you can through the development of discernment.  My approach in mentoring is based on trust, integrity, and accountability; but, most of all, to inspire you to keep going, to learn to trust yourself and to value yourself in the truest of ways, which unfolds naturally through the process.  My purpose is to help you expand and grow in your capacity and skill to be a discerning individual, through the practice of Yogic ethics so that you can land in your freedom.


  • Live from a greater inner space of Compassion and confidence
  • Increase discernment self-trust, and inner stability
  • Gain a sense of empowerment and insight in your life
  • Understand what freedom really is
  • Lead more empowering and inspired classes, increase your competency, and experience more embodiment of the Yogic teachings (for Yoga instructors)


“This morning I did my first online class with Vanessa. I have not done a class like this before and was really impressed. Not surprised knowing how high Vanessa sets her own bar!! Cannot wait for the next one!”--K.D.


How it Works:  These are one-to-one personalized online sessions, establishing the Yamas and Niyamas as the touchpoint from which you experience your life.  Through my ability to deeply hear that which you’re seeking, we’ll utilize the ethical system of Yoga, to frame it in a way that helps you define and refine your path.  Though a person might feel one session is enough, a mentorship is designed as a series, and as progressive growth for sincere seekers.  Integration is not a one hour experience.  Though sessions can be scheduled accordingly, continual momentum is an integral part of the discipline of Yoga.  Depending on integration, each session brings one or more Yama/Niyama to the forefront with perhaps others as supportive.  This is defined by each individual process and experience of Life; like Life, we address balance toward that which is presenting. 


  • 30 minute Introductory or Follow-up call $45CDN 
  • 60 minute Mentoring session $85CDN
  • Package of 5 full Mentoring sessions $395CDN (fee includes a free 30 minute Introductory call)
  • Cancellation policy does apply

Contact me here to begin your path to a more fulfilled and discerning you. 

* please note payment plans are available for Packages only, depending on your circumstance (details to be discussed per circumstance)  

**Note: this is perceiving life through the ethics of Yoga, this is not therapy, nor is it to be used in place of required psychological treatment.

Vanessa is an experienced Yoga Instructor and Craniosacral Practitioner, who shares the transformative power of the Yamas and Niyamas, to help other Yoga Instructors lead more empowering and inspired classes.  She also works with individuals, helping them gain a sense of empowerment and insight, in their personal lives.  Working with individuals and organizations in this way, increases personal authenticity.  This is achieved by seeking out the foundation of the Yoga practice, through the Yamas and Niyamas, and how they’re expressed in the personal style of the yoga teacher or individual.  As a teacher, being informed by our personal experience with the Yamas and Niyamas, turns our classes into something much richer than the commonplace.  The result is a more authentic, more inspiring and enthusiastic class which sets you apart from other teachers.  For individuals, this offers a valuable anchor, in a world which is moving so fast. The foundation of the Yamas and Niyamas, strengthens our own practice, teachings, and authenticity, all rolled in to one.  The result is that people trust our competency.

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