Yoga Nidra Through the Yamas

Please join me for the lovely practice of Yoga Nidra through the Yamas!  This practice of deep relaxation through a guided journey will be held as a collection of afternoons, spread over two consecutive weekends.  Each session will introduce the individual Yamas in sequence, as the theme for that afternoon’s Nidra.  Beginning with Ahimsa on the first Saturday afternoon, we’ll move to Satya on the Sunday, and progress in sequence the following weekend.  Through discussion and brief journaling, we’ll then move to the Nidra.  Space is limited, so pre-registration is required.  Bring your mat and a blanket (if you tend to get cold), paper and pencil. 

WHEN: The weekends will run Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15, followed by Friday through Sunday, September 20-22. We’ll begin promptly at 2PM, closing each afternoon at 4PM. The exception being: Friday, September 20th will be an evening session from 7PM-9PM.
FEE: Register for the first weekend only, $70CDN ($60 early bird by 24th August); or both weekends, $165CDN ($155 early bird by 24th August). Due to limited space, all payment is non-refundable. Message me for location and payment details: Contact

One Weekend or Both

Overview Workshop at Namaskar Yoga Studio

in Parksville, B.C.

Join me in this 2 hour Overview of the Yamas and Niyamas, discussing how this yogic foundation can be the gateway that expands our understanding of a compassionate practice. and how this quality is the strength behind a living relationship with Yoga. We will briefly explore what the Yamas and Niyamas are and how relevant these ancient guidelines are in our modern world. Then we can feel confident to actively engage with these principles. This offers a much richer experience of our practice, where we can begin to value Yoga as an anchor in a world which is moving so fast. This is an overview of that foundation.

Location: Namaskar Yoga Studio, 102 Island Hwy. E., Parskville, BC.  Time: 1:30-3:30PM Sunday, October 19th  Fee: $35CDN. 

To register contact Shelley at Namaskar Yoga Studio

*Note: payment is non-refundable

Insight into the Yamas and Niyamas

“This morning I did my first online class with Vanessa. I have not done a class like this before and was really impressed. Not surprised knowing how high Vanessa sets her own bar!! Cannot wait for the next one!”--K.D.

Vanessa is an experienced Yoga Instructor and Craniosacral Practitioner, who shares the transformative power of the Yamas and Niyamas, to help other Yoga Instructors lead more empowering and inspired classes.  She also works with individuals, helping them gain a sense of empowerment and insight, in their lives.  Working with individuals and organizations in this way, increases personal authenticity.  This is achieved by seeking out the foundation of the Yoga practice, through the Yamas and Niyamas, and how they’re expressed in the personal style of the yoga teacher or individual.  As a teacher, being informed by our personal experience with the Yamas and Niyamas, turns our classes into something much richer than the commonplace.  The result is a more authentic, more inspiring and enthusiastic class.  For individuals, this offers a valuable anchor, in a world which is moving so fast. The foundation of the Yamas and Niyamas, strengthens our own practice, teachings, and authenticity, all rolled in to one.  The result is that people trust our competency.  

Letters in Yoga

"I’ve created these workshops and retreats, to move you toward leading an inspired class which sets you apart from other teachers."

These workshops are an ongoing offer. To book Vanessa for an event or for a personal session, Contact

One to one sessions with Vanessa are $75CDN for an individual session, or $350CDN for a package of 5 sessions.

*note: cancellation policy does apply

New Moon Meditations

This is an ongoing Vancouver based, monthly meditation, held at each new Moon.  Meeting at the start of the lunar cycle is the perfect time to set intentions for the month to come, focusing on new beginnings or a fresh start in an area of life that you choose for yourself.  These meditations are meant to be a supportive environment for your practice, and a welcome time to sit together. You’re welcome to bring your journal and a pen for any notes you might want to jot down from your meditation. Each meditation is run on a small donation basis. Next meditation will be on Saturday, 28th September from 7-8PM. If interested please be in touch, and location will be shared at that time.


"Vanessa created a personal yoga nidra for me and it is the most powerful session I have experienced. I continue to be guided by this audio when I need to recharge mentally, emotionally, and physically."--L.B.

Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation through a guided journey. Because it provides a state of deep rest, a regular practice of Yoga Nidra is beneficial for restoring the nervous system and reconnecting with a sense of inner ease and inner balance. In today's world it is vital to have access to an inner space of quiet. We always enter into a Nidra with our own personal intent, which we would like to more easily align with, and see unfold in our lives. It is a practice suitable for everyone. If you would like your own personal Nidra, please be in touch with me using the form on the Contact page and we'll set up a Nidra that is right for you. These Nidras will be recorded in MP3 format, for you to keep and listen to in your own time.

Fee is $45CDN to be paid in advance. This fee is non-refundable.