The Yamas on Zoom


Because each Yama has the capacity to touch every area of life, the result can be broad discussion.  We're currently gathering twice per month on Zoom; we're exploring the Yamas and their impact on refining our belief structures, both personal and societal.   To consider each Yama's individual power and influence, is to bring them together again, as a whole.

Letters in Yoga

The level of interest in the Yamas means I'm now offering them online.  Our Zoom sessions are for half an hour twice per month. 

Additionally, we come together for 20 minute Silent meditations, two mornings and two evenings per week; again, online.

To sign up for the gatherings please be in touch. Your monthly payment allows you to join any or all of the sessions. 

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Pay What You Can

The Benefit of Ishta Devata


Conceiving of God, or Ishwara, is a universal challenge within many human beings because it’s something we hope to perceive with the mind.  Inspired by the recent series through the Niyamas, I am offering a class on Ishta Devata, and the purpose of having a chosen Deity.  Since the beginning of time, civilizations around the world have established relationship with the spiritual realm through the concept of deified symbols; from Hinduism, to the Gods and Goddesses of the Greeks and Romans, mythologies of the Nordic and Celtic clans, to First Nations culture, and Christianity’s Holy Trinity, mankind has relied on a characterization of God.  This class will focus on the perspective pertaining to Yoga and the Hindu Ishta Devata as it defines the link between human and Ishwara.

This 1.5 Hour workshop is meant to help those who wish for a deeper or more developed relationship with their Spiritual life and how that relates to God as they know it to be.

We will meet from 2-3:30PM on Sunday, March 22nd.  Fee for this class is $35CDN.  Please contact me to register.

Update:  This event has been postponed, not cancelled.  Dates TBA soon.  Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed.

*image credit of deity artisan at work in Kumortuli, Kolkata: Indrajit Das

Karma & The Kleshas


Given the proper perspective, defining the Yogic Kleshas, or inner obstacles to freedom, can be seen as fascinating.  Through Tapas, these Kleshas are tremendous opportunities for our growth and maturity.  Oftentimes, the issue isn’t lack of willingness to grow, but lack of objectivity toward our thoughts and behaviours.  The first day of our workshop will focus on the three kinds of Karma as a way to prepare our awareness for the opportunity that the Kleshas provide, given sincere effort for growth.  The second day we will discuss what each Klesha is and help identify their relevance in your life, as a way to bring that much needed perspective. When we can orient our challenges to one or more of the Kleshas we have greater opportunity to not only rise above our thoughts and feelings, but to learn from them. 

We will discuss Karma on the Saturday, and the Kleshas will follow on Sunday afternoon.  These are valuable tools for the sincere seeker.

These classes will be held on Saturday, 23rd May & Sunday, 24th May 2020 from 2-3:30PM on both days.  Register for one or both classes.

Update:  This workshop has been postponed due to current circumstances.  Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed.



Pancha Kosha (The Five Koshas)


The understanding of the inter-dependent inter-layering of the 5 Yogic bodies known as the Koshas, was brought to us in the Vedic Upanishads.  These distinct yet interdependent and intermingled bodies are intrinsic to everything that we do; and, insight into them can bring us a beautiful understanding of ourselves and our design from a Yogic perspective.  Increasing in subtlety, these 5 layers, or sheaths, interplay with one another and with our experience in day-to-day life, determining some things whilst at the effect of other things.  It’s their very changeability that makes their capacity to define that which is impermanent, so great.

 This 1.25 hour workshop will more finely tune your awareness to perceiving when you’re out of balance and from which Kosha, and that influence on the other Koshas.  The knowledge from these teachings can help bring an inner quietness and can benefit any meditative practice.  

We will meet online via Zoom, from 2-3:15PM on Saturday, 25th April 2020.  Fee for this class is $35CDN.  Please contact me to register.

Update:  This workshop has been postponed due to current circumstances. Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed.

Feedback from workshop Participant: "It was awesome!  We asked Vanessa if she could send us some notes of all her explanations of the meaning of this practice.
It would be great if it was offered as a regular class. Thanks! Ruth   P.S....and Vanessa was a wonderful facilitator!" 


Ongoing Offers


Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation through a guided journey. Because it provides a state of deep rest, a regular practice of Yoga Nidra is beneficial for restoring the nervous system and reconnecting with a sense of inner ease and inner balance. In today's world it is vital to have access to an inner space of quiet.  For this reason, I have created pre-recorded Yoga Nidras through the first two Limbs of Yoga; and, I enjoy connecting with you to establish an appropriate Yoga Nidra personalized for you.  Please be in touch if you would like one of your own!



Nidra Through the Yamas

These recorded Nidras are themed through the Yamas.  They are wonderful to practice individually, or in progressive sequence through the traditional order of the Yamas.  If you are familiar with the Yamas, you already know it is best to approach the Yamas in sequential order, as laid out below; but if you are feeling drawn to a particular theme, that is just fine too.  These are a great way to have a private Nidra practice to do in your own time, as many times as you like.  These Nidras are available individually for $25 CDN each.  Please contact me for purchase.

Yama sequence:  Ahimsa (non-harming) . Satya (truthfulness) . Asteya (non-stealing) . Brahmacharya (flow with God) . Aparigraha (non-attachment).



Yoga Nidra is a powerfully restorative practice on its own, however when centered around a Sankalpa (or personal aim for positive growth) we give life to that Yoga Nidra.  I encourage people to set their Sankalpa when prompted to do so within the Yoga Nidra itself, instead of attempting to set an intent from our waking state in which we're still muddled in distraction, in this way the heart's authentic call can be heard.  Yoga Nidra is a practice suitable for everyone. If you would like your own personal Yoga Nidra, please be in touch with me using the form on the Contact page and we'll set up a Nidra that is right for you. These Nidras will be recorded in MP3 format, for you to keep and listen to in your own time.

Fee is $45CDN to be paid in advance. This fee is non-refundable.



"Vanessa created a personal yoga nidra for me and it is the most powerful session I have experienced. I continue to be guided by this audio when I need to recharge mentally, emotionally, and physically."--L.B.