Yoga Teachers

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Anne Vandewalle

“I can do whatever I want but what is it I want?” this is the place life had brought to Anne when she decided to go to a Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas to surround herself in yoga and chanting. Life had just “randomly come to a stop” having made plans to travel Asia. But this stopping point led her to practice yoga in the Bahamas, the opportunity to chant with Krishna Das being a definite draw. Chanting for Anne is immensely healing with a deep resonance for her. Read More

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Ara Cusack

Ara had been a gymnast until she was 18 years old, loving the variety of movement, mental concentration and the physical challenge. After leaving gymnastics, she threw herself, somewhat obsessively, into all the things that you “should” do to stay “healthy”, but something was missing…mindfulness. Thankfully, yoga found her 5 years later! So when she first started toeing that line toward a practice in yoga, her VHS tapes of Rodney Yee & Patricia Walden in hand, she wondered, “How can you feel so good after 20 minutes? Read More


Aum Gaur

If you ever need a good dose of happiness in the morning, jump on your scooter and go to one of Aum’s morning yoga classes (if you happen to be in Goa, that is). This is exactly why Aum teaches, and he delivers. Aum began teaching yoga because he felt so much benefit from it that he wanted to share the health and happiness he was experiencing. He also wanted to share the value of more than just asana practice because as Aum says, “a flexible body is a flexible mind… you have to stay calm if you are doing good yoga poses, and stay calm even if you are not able to do any yoga poses, no aggression or regression. Read More


Beverly Akhurst

A person can’t help but stare wide-eyed at Beverly, face agog as she recounts stories of reading signs in her life…literally given little option but to see clearly the direction life wants her to go…from a career working for a major airline to yoga studio owner in Vancouver. It was while assisting an airline passenger that the first sign fell on her head... Read More


Cesare Dapiaggi

It’s amazing how much the body doesn’t like the effects of flying and jetlag…yet we fly all the time and often just wait out its effects. Using the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air to resolve the effects of flying Isn’t something new, but it isn’t something we generally reach for as a solution, either. Cesare though, does incorporate this into his yoga, as his way to speed and integrate the recovery process, so he can feel like a human being again, sooner rather than later. He has spent so much time flying that he has become very attuned to the imbalances it creates. Once his feet are settled on the earth again, his yoga follows a re-introduction of each element gradually, day by day...Read More


Deborah Adele

I had been scaling the wall of a sloppy mountain of books in my local bookstore when I found Deborah’s book The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice. Of course this wasn’t really the case(just sounds fun), but within all the yoga books written about asana, Deborah’s was like a gleaming golden nugget that once grasped, helped me to exhale and breathe again. Read More 


Diana Jost

As a teen Diana suffered from terrible dermatitis, and at fifteen, she found her first book about yoga. She read this yoga book through and applied what it was teaching…it healed her skin. Not only that, but the meditation and spiritual philosophy included in that book she also practiced, giving her skills to become calmer as a person. At age fifteen, Diana already had the personal discipline, the personal focus, to apply self-taught yoga from a book! I find this impressive because she didn’t come from a family which was in line with this in any way, they didn’t even know about these things. Read More


Eugenia Sivitou

Eugenia is the owner of Yoga On Crete, and what is so evident and unique about her is her genuine love of yoga and the happiness that is there for her. She really enjoyed speaking about this and in such a gentle way. So it begins almost as a love letter: Ten years ago teaching yoga really began for Eugenia without thinking about it…it just developed from a natural desire to share with others, the benefit and moments of inspiration and meaning that she had received…a love for life. Read More


Heather Elton

It was such a treat for me to meet with Heather and just listen to her, with all she has to share after having practiced yoga for 40 years, there is such refinement in her wisdom and experience. Based in London, Heather takes her yoga teacher trainings to Goa each February. Other opportunities to practice with Heather throughout the year are during her yoga retreats which are held in various countries around Europe. Additionally, she uniquely offers Spiritual Tours in India and Nepal each year with her team of teachers. These are not to be missed. Read More