Yoga Teachers

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Julie Martin

When I think of Julie, it’s her voice that I hear…it is so clear not only in what she is communicating, but her speech itself is so succinct, her voice rich. Her voice is almost a yoga in itself, it only adds to the clarity of what she is communicating, what she wants to say. Sounds corny I’m sure, but truly communication is a gift for Julie and she has been given such a powerful tool with which to share it. So when she told me, “I teach because I have an inherent desire to communicate information”, I wasn’t surprised. Read More


Lauren Manning

For 20 years Lauren has been teaching and practicing yoga. She shares that the most challenging part of her own personal practice, can be when “life gets in the way” (which is an “easy excuse”, she says). She notices, that if she lets go of that momentum, of having the disciplined regularity of a daily practice, life can easily get in the way, which then further delays her practice. This affects her mostly on the mental level…she begins to notice it in her manner toward herself and then outwardly toward others…she has less tolerance, less patience…this reminds her that she needs yoga because life is so much easier with the practice.;Read More

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Lucy Bremner

It was the late 1980’s when Lucy decided to travel through southeast Asia on her own (including India and Nepal), having completed her training as a Holistic Practitioner in England. Though not far reaching for a woman to travel solo to that part of the world at that time in history, I feel it took courage to face that part of the world alone as a woman at that time. This to me, describes Lucy so clearly, healing and courageous. But that’s who Lucy is…courageous. Read More


Maggie Levien

In a most palpable quality of grace which surrounds Maggie, she attributes the popularity of her yoga programs to those who have come before: “It works well for me, I feel, because I am treading in the footsteps of the lineage of yoga Gurus…so students are receiving their guidance and good wishes all the way along. Read More

Marisa van Vuuren  

Marisa Van Vuuren

Now here is a girl after my own heart! Not only does she acknowledge Quantum Physics, but she links the concept of the science in yoga….a real soul sister! But will get to that in a minute. First, have a read…in her own words, her first experience with yoga…I love this!…“Hahaha my first yoga class was after practicing yoga by myself out of a book for six years. I was 14 years old when I discovered yoga. I found an old 1960’s Fitness Book in our house and there was one chapter on Yoga. Read More

michele denis  

Michele Denis

Fear of Self is nowhere near a lingering description of Michele…her authentic willingness to dive deep inside and question what is there is so fierce that it can’t leave a person with anything but a feeling of confidence and trust when in her presence. Michele welcomes “the deep dark stuff that bites us.” Her challenge isn’t in the honesty that yoga brings forward, her challenge lies in the veil of illusion…Read More


Nancy Frohlick

I was in “Puppy Pose”, rolling curious thoughts around on whether or not this was considered an official asana, when everything suddenly clicked and I realized I was actually in a position to grasp proper alignment of Downward Dog! It was such a moment of insight, that I’ve adopted it when teaching my own classes ever since, and I have Nancy to thank for that. I was taking one of her classes at the time, in her then “Little Mountain” studio in Vancouver...Read More


Nico Luce

I met with Nico while he was in India leading a shared retreat with his beautiful wife Chloe. I immediately knew why students are so drawn to him as a teacher as he was so forthcoming and honest in sharing who he is as a person. Connecting was easy so I could easily understand his reason for teaching, and his total commitment to an authentic practice, and upholding that for his students. This, to me, explains his decision to lead retreats instead of teaching a regular hourly class in Lausanne where he now lives with his family. Read More

Scarlett Dee  

Scarlett Dee

Scarlett lives a life that so clearly demonstrates that yoga fills all of life. She will often hold yoga retreats and trainings during the summer months, at her home in the Austrian mountains. It is a home so full of abundance…of flowers, wildlife, fresh food, forests, lakes, stars, and so much more! This is so indicative of yoga as life…its generosity, its fulfillment, its endlessness, its ability to continually give and regenerate…this is yoga and it’s evident everywhere at Scarlett’s home. I feel that life is so forthcoming there because of Scarlett’s connection to the yoga of life. I was so lucky to participate in a month long retreat which was held in the rustic-chic loft of her beautifully transformed barn. Read More