Contraction and Expansion

By  Vanessa Webb | 


I know nothing about the black holes of outer space…but I think they are spaces that draw things into themselves?  Regardless, I do know they are considered spaces in which light cannot escape.  Recently, when reading a dialogue between Krishnamurti and one of his students, I got to thinking….about black holes and about light, and about our modern world.  



I notice in our world today, that many people are “suffering”, even within daily life.  We’re suffering in an attempt to keep up with a life which many can no longer comprehend, due to all of the global violence; suffering to keep up with financial burden; suffering to explain life to our children when we’re no longer recognizing the ways of the world ourselves; suffering to keep up with the speed of technology…basically, we’re suffering in our attempt to keep up with a life that has become so confusing in its daily, global overwhelm, because we’re trying to fit our very nature into this.  Yet this is not possible.  The outer world has become so out of alignment that our inner nature knows not to go there.  Our inner nature knows not to try to keep up.  Yet our minds and egos keep tracking this synthetic construct…as well as its speed.  Hence, we suffer, we’re split…and the result is, we’re becoming unavailable…we dim our light, we’re not as accessible to friends and family, to the community and to the environment, because we’re chasing after what we’re told to chase….and we’re falling behind.  We feel like we’re losing on a daily basis because the system isn’t designed to be caught, it’s designed to “need” it. So we each end up in our own inner worlds trying to fix what we think we’re doing wrong.  We lose sight of the bigger perspective, which is inclusive of others.  And this isn’t right.  

Embedded within this, we’re fed inspiring catch phrases like “follow your heart”, “live your dreams”, or whatever it may be, but these positive statements remain out of reach because we’re chasing our light, rather than being our light.



Our light and our hearts grow quickly and abundantly through the giving of them.  The more we give of our light the more it grows.  This is the irony.  The more we chase our light in the daily grind, the more we lose it, the more we withdraw into an isolated darkness.  The more we offer our light in the true sense of it, the more our light grows and it buoys us.  We’re no longer chasing our light then, instead, we’re giving it and therefore being it.  We have an abundant Spirit, and the way we follow our heart’s desire is when we’re giving it to others.  This is very different from chasing some media fashioned model of the heart.  We’re currently in a monetized system of “follow your heart”, which is meant for the corporate world to profit from.  They seek your need to learn how to “follow your heart” or “dream”...there is no need to learn because we already know this.  It's a self-serving system for the corporate world because it’s designed for profit.  It will never work for a human being at an individual scale.  The commercialism of “follow your heart” is modelled for a construct which is nailed down by the media, which furthers our tumble through the black hole.  The heart is anything but self serving, so this commercialized model will never work.  

To follow your heart, and to follow your dreams means to give of yourself…your very self and what you find in there….not your money, not a smattering of time to a cause at a designated time of year, not a new self-help book…but a daily, willing, offering of yourself; waking up to the morning and asking God “what can I give today…and to whom”? This draws from the wellspring of your best self, your willing self, your generous and beaming self.  Everyone then becomes rich, everyone becomes fulfilled, and supported…the light and the love only grows from that place inside.  From there you are living your dream.

*image credit: nomadicmatt