Balance And Momentum

By  Vanessa Webb | 


There are a tonne of people doing a tonne of such great work in the world right now. I'm not talking about big names who speak of the Gita then punch someone on stage during a televised awards show; I'm talking about everyday people, who are holding the heart of this world together. Many of you, who are reading this now, are doing such things, contributing to the upliftment of our world, wholeheartedly committed in your efforts. I've met those of you who are doing everything from helping loved ones back to wellbeing, to rehabilitating a small patch of earth for a thriving garden, to those of you envisioning larger projects in support of wellbeing within your community network.



But the current rate of atrocity in our world seems an equal match. This is our very species acting out these events, they're human to human, or human toward other species or living systems - the list is mounting atop an already very scarred terrain.

However, having said that, are the laws of balance still in effect? The frequency with which these events are occurring means, that our compassion is being called forward at the same rate. Compassion moves like the rhythm of the inner ocean, there is deep cohesiveness to its structure, and we know it to be a gradual yet powerful tide. If we look at today's circumstances one way, we will drown in it - we will, the media will be sure of that; or, if we consider Yoga's foundation as that of protecting Life, is this recurrent swell of compassion a counterbalance that's edging us toward Life again - through the individual? Is it our very heart response - of you and me, that will bring us through these times collectively?

A changing world is nothing new, but the consistent rise of compassion and its cohesive nature means that it's no longer a question of "wanting" to transform, instead we are being transformed. Our compassion is being called forward with such frequency that we can't help but be transformed by it. Even the most resistant among us are feeling it. Could the light from our hearts outflourish the density of these times? Are we each like a mirror ball, shimmering flashes of light that are landing in places we don't know they're reaching, and never knew was possible. 


*image by fidel fernando on unsplash