An Early Valentine

By  Vanessa Webb | 




The Ocean of Consciousness within the human heart is second only to Agni (Fire), and stands ahead of the Consciousness of Darkness (or, the intelligence of silence).  These are the three Oceans in which we're birthed.  Can we rest in how precious that is...

Rest in it long enough to wonder:  When there is love have we said first, I will not harm you when I love you?

Our human love longs for recognition, this longing brings with it frailty and brokenness.  Yet deeper than that, in the Ocean of the Heart Consciousness, the giving of love is inborn in our Being.  It doesn't host that need for recognition from another, yet we are not at peace when we have nowhere for it to flow. 

Leaving the key behind and thinking for two, the mind decides that if love is going unrecognized, then it's best to pack the heart in a box and bring it up to its own attic for safekeeping, in storage with the old relics it has also entrusted itself with. Placing it alongside things that have been there long enough for webs to build and dust to collect in their weaving.

No matter how many years that boxed love endures that attics' sweltering summer heat and winter chill, it is forever young on that grace filled day when it tumbles down those attic steps while we were up there looking for something else.

The heart’s kingdom is vast.  It's in a realm of no-time.  And it's in a realm of regeneration.  When love has tumbled back to the heart’s domain it lands like a person coming in from an exhilarating walk in the wind.  We're transported to a realm that the mind claims not to exist. 

The heart has its own voice; and when it's kept clear, swept of dust and clutter, freshened by an open window, the attic of the mind can and will hear the heart's words, and it will respond lovingly and kindly.  It will find strength from love that flows because it has no opportunity then, to impose its frailty.

The Ocean of Consciousness of the Heart can carry a million stars and a million wounds, still leaving us able to stand strong beat after beat after precious beat.

This is how miraculous we are.

And so have we checked in with:  I will not harm you when I love you.