Go Forward Brave Soul and Trust

By  Vanessa Webb | 


Trust that life loves you
…even when your reluctant mind refuses to believe it
Trust that life wants the best for you 
…even more than you do
Trust that you will be guided 
…even without all your fussing over hearing it “right”
Trust that life is smiling at you
…even when you believe with your whole self that you’re alone
Trust that life will buoy you and sustain you
…even when your pockets are empty
Trust that life holds a light for you and responds to your deepest inquiries
…even those ones that you can only share with the stars
Trust life’s presence in your ups and downs, in all the challenges and glories
…that presence that remains through all that will pass
Trust life’s loyalty to you 
…even when you swear you’ve been betrayed
Trust those feelings of humility that come when your sanity comes back around again
…and you see that Life never left you
Trust that life is what you can count on more than any other thing
…even when you've made your oath, that this is indeed the time that you’re throwing in the towel
Trust that life will be there in the end
…even when you’re too weak to even stand up for now…remember, it’s just for now
Remember to read something inspiring
Remember to think, and remember to feel
Remember your own brilliant light
Trust that life knew your name even before you knew it yourself.
Trust that life will show up as those finest moments of Grace
Trust that you would never know the strength of who you are without any given challenge
Trust that with life and only with life, you do know how to do this
Trust yourself enough to slow down, and to hear those decisions made from such a centered inner space
Trust yourself to be able to learn to use that inner voice
Trust your strength of compassion
Trust those feelings of generosity
Trust what you have to give to this world even if you haven’t defined it yet
Trust in the power of your presence of who you are
And remember that your own Soul has a voice, and you’re the only beloved one who truly needs to hear it.